Rory Dumas

Grumpy Frustrated Veteran


Level: 15
EXP: 800
Unallocated Stat pts: 2

Maximum HP: 2000 (Base + Growth + Lvl Bonus + STR bonus + Sol bonus) (500 + 300 + 400 + 500 + 100)
Maximum SP: 5

(Base + growth)
Str: 15 ( 2) [ A]
Dex: 2 (
1) [ C]
Mnd: 1 [ D]
Sol: 4 [( +1) [ C]

GROWTH TRAIT: Aegis (Apply PHYS & Ether reflect at start of battle)
Growth TYPE bonuses:
+200HP + 1STR
+ 100ATK + 100HP + 1STR
+ 100POT +1 ACC + 1SOL

Master Trait: Frustrated Hot-headed Veteran
Backline Ability: Half damage received on a small area


Weapons: Hand Weapon (300/200) – Increased Sharpness , Attributes Up 1
Armor: Medium Armor
Acc1: ATK ring
Acc2: Guts Ring (Selene)

(stat bonus + TL bonus + EQP bonus + growth Bonus)
Attack:1400 (700 + 100 + (400 + 100) + 100)
Ether: 400 (0 + 100 + 300 + 0)
Accuracy: 6 (1 + 2 + 2 + 1)
Agility: 1 (0 + 1 + 0 + 0)
Pot: 600 (200 + 200 + 0 + 100) + 100 base
Crit chance: 1 (0 + 0 + 0 + 0) [ Increased Sharpness ]
Phys Def: 600 (400 + 0 + 200 + 0)
Ethr Def: 100 (0 + 0 + 100 + 0)
HP Bonus: (500 + 0 + 300) + 400 (LVL) +100(Loki)


(Raging Bull) “Get outta my way! Hur!” (Pins at STR12)
(Fatalism) “An eye for an eye” (Gain TP for ally sent to caution/KO at STR12, Gain crit too at STR18)
(Mimic) “Hmm, looks familiar, lemme give it a go”
(Clap) “Huwaah!” (Damage small area around caster at STR14,Optional use TP1 to inflict knock to targets at STR18)


Veteran’s Advantage – stronger in cutscenes (insta-win cinema roll once per session)
Guardian – full damage guard on defensive assists, +1 cinema ranks in defense against surprise attacks

Team Links:

9 Luce – Acc + 1 (Work Acquaintance)
6 Narumi – Agi + 1 (Young and Old)
9 Luna – Acc + 1 (Differences)
4 Jackie + 100 Pot ()
9 Chase + 100 Eth ATK (Soldier and the Mind)
7 Selene + 100 Pot (Gambling buddies)
4 Loki +100 HP (Eternal Drinkers)


Age: 35
Date of Birth: 23rd June 395 A.R.
Height: 180cm
Weight: 85kg
Hometown: Vinland
Occupation: Full-time Halophate Agent

Early Life

For as long as Roar(Rory) could remember he was raised in an orphanage in a village up the provinces of Vinland. He was adopted at an older-than-usual age by a widower named Agata Dumas (wife to Peder Dumas, airship pilot extraordinaire) who was responsible for education and early martial arts training.

Before Military Duties

When the moon fell, so did Roar’s hopes and dreams of being an airship pilot. At the same year as the moon had fallen, his sole adopted parent succumbed to a mysterious fatal illness, and his inheritance had been stolen unlawfully by his uncles and aunt’s, Agata’s siblings. He changed his name to Rory when he got to this point in his life.

Rory was thrown out of the Dumas estate to fend for himself at the age of 18, where he had no choice but to roam the land serving as a freelance bodyguard for various small enterprises and VIPs, however, never being able to keep a stable job because of his poor personality, drinking problems, and gambler spirit.

At the age of 25, Rory was forced to enlist in the Vinland Army after getting arrested for causing a ruckus in a bar that caused multiple injuries to those who participated in the brawl.

Service in the Vinland Army

Starting in the military was rough, but reformed Rory’s habits and personality. He grew stern, organized, and persistent. He became strict with his training and was quick about his wit thanks to his prior martial arts training under his adoptive mother.

Through his first 5 years years, he rose through the ranks easily because of the combat prowess and leadership potential exhibited in the many conflicts that he fought in. By the age of 30, he had been promoted to Sergeant Major in command of his own battalion, a squad/section comprised of 8 promising young men and women in service to Vinland.

Rising along side him in rank was a prodigy who just enlisted no less than 3 years after Rory did. A battle-hardened blond maiden, 5 years his junior, by the name of Tanya Mia. Having the rank of corporal, second-in-command of their squad, Tanya was the best at scouting and reconnaissance among them. Along with respect and trust, romantic attraction had also grown between Rory and Tanya which they kept a closely guard secret to everyone other than themselves.

In the latter phases of conflict between Kislev, his section had been assigned to work with 2 other squads in preparation to siege an enemy camp deep in the lush forests just at the edge of the boarders of Vinland. Capturing said encampment would give Vinland the upper hand in negotiations against Kislev.

Little is known to what transpired in the operation, as transmission had been cut during that stormy night prior to the siege. Only one among the 3 squads came back complete, as the General of Vinland had no choice but to raze the encampment via air raid to even the playing field. The operation had been botched and all fingers point to Rory for disobeying orders at the last minute of said operation.

Rory’s squad had not been seen after the operation and had been recorded as deceased. Only Rory had returned to base, near-death and missing an eye. After recovering from his injuries, he went to trial for treason and espionage but was found not guilty by court martial due to lack of evidence. However, for the interests of security and stability among the military, he was discharged from service. Not that he wanted to stay either.

Post Military Life

After the tragedy that was his last mission, and the humiliating discharge from service, Rory slumped back to being a rowdy freelance body-guard / mercenary, drinking himself into a drunken stupor, and gambling all that’s left of his earnings every night.

Amidst his chaotic lifestyle, Rory had received a letter however, with penmanship unmistakably by Tanya, telling him to get his act together for they’ll be seeing each other again soon. A year later, after rehabilitating himself to a better state (somewhat), Rory finds himself joining Halophate.

Rory Dumas

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