Narumi Ishida

Sharp-Witted Apprentice Of The Seven Forms


Level : 38
EXP : 900
Health : 2400
Spirit : 9


[ C ] Strength : 8
[ A ] Dexterity : 34
[ C ] Mind : 12
[ D ] Soul : 22
Attack : 18
Ether : 800
Accuracy : 20
Agility : 15
Potential : 1400
Critical Chance : 4 + 1
Physical Defense : 300
Ether Defense : 300
Health Bonus : 500
Spirit Bonus : 2


[Flash Cut +] (2SP) – Move a [Medium] distance towards a target area and make an attack on a target there.

[Shadow Blade] (Passive) – Anytime you successfully use a Reaction, deal 1d6 x 100 damage to your attacker. On-hit effects apply. Deal 1d6 x 100 damage to targets that approach you in [Near] distance as well. On-hit effects apply.

[Guard Break +] (Passive) – Every start of your turn, you may choose to inflict [Seal], [Daze], [Panic], or [Blind] on a good (3-6) chance on successful attacks.

[Cyclone Strike] (1TP) – An attack that has a good (3-6) chance to incapacitate non-boss targets instantly. Causes [Jammed] for 1 turn on [Boss] targets.
– If used after a [Move Action], user may return to their previous position.

[Quick Sever] (1TP) – Upon hit, cancel any [Held Actions] including [Held Arts] on a certain chance. Target cannot trigger its Held Action when targeted by this attack.

Ougi : Storm Rush “One step ahead, two strikes in. 必殺, Storm Rush!”
Activation damage: x1 physical attack (true damage) to one(?) target Persistent effect: next Parry is a crit (indefinite), Parry free for 2 turns

Weapon: Surugaya (Dagger Category)

Property – Wind Gust : Chance to Double Attack 4 ~ 6, successful reactions put you to flank advantage.


Increase Sharpness: Critical strike chance +1

Spirited II: Heal 200HP when landing a successful SP or TP skill (+300 HP at level 30)


Following the events of the meteor crash, Hotaru Mouri reestablished the old organization, Heaven’s Summit, as his own to enforce security throughout the world. During one of his times off duty, he witnessed a scuffle at the town he was in. A trio of armed bandits was holding a bank under hostage, local security was inadequate and help from other towns would take hours to arrive. He saw a young man with a knife go through one of the ventilation shafts and followed him through unnoticed. The young man effortlessly took down the first bandit, the second one shortly after. The leader of the pack had seen him however, and the two had a brief skirmish. The Leader took down the young man and turned his attention towards a middle aged woman and pointed his axe at her. Hotaru was about to help, when he noticed the bandit leader stopped in his tracks and fall down shortly after with a knife stuck to his neck and had not even noticed him move. Hotaru looked at the young man, hugging a pair and offered him a choice: Live the way any person should, away from conflict, or be recruited as his apprentice and ensure that everyone else all over the globe is safe, he chose the latter. Seeing exceptional talent in the boy as a fighter, more over as a swordsman, commending him for his decision of ending a life to protect another only as a last resort as he spared the life of the other two. Armed with the wisdom, the skill, wits and prowess handed down to him by his master, and a mirrored finished black sword he calls “Surugaya”, crafted especially for him, he now hones his talent as a combatant to provide safety and security throughout the world. His name, Narumi Ishida, codenamed “Null”, clad in combat clothing he designed for himself, and a mask to warn evil of his presence, he will be remembered as one of the finest, most talented swordsmen to ever live, and one of the greatest protectors in history.

I want people to live the way they should, to live without fear of crime, I do what I do so that others won’t have to.

Early Life

Born in a small town in Oriental Aleria, Narumi lived fairly normally, having a farmer for a father and an archery teacher for a mother. He was forenamed “Little Fighter” as he was well known for fending off bullies growing up, he was loved by his friends and his parents. Narumi is shown to be a natural combatant, having lost very few fights, none of which were fair, and is tactically superior against his foes, along with being talented in the athletic department. Along the way, he learned how to use light weapons through the sticks he had fought with and against. Though he was often scolded for being caught in many squabbles, he also had a kind heart, eventually befriending his former bullies during his years in the Alerian High Academy. He was a laid back but brilliant academy student, passing with flying colors with very little effort and was the academy’s martial arts club’s second in command.

Swordsmanship Training

After the events of the robbery, Narumi had asked that his parents be given a home under protection of the government, Hotaru offered Heaven’s Summit headquarters be their new home, in exchange for their services, using their profession to better the living of the HQ’s housing agents. Narumi underwent Hotaru’s training program for a grueling 6 years, showing a natural affinity with the sword and exceptional agility, being able to adapt to terrain easily and use it to his advantage. Hotaru noted his gift of agility, stamina and intellect, surpassing that of even his during his age, as well as being able to execute sword techniques after seeing them once and is able to understand some points of Nana Kusanagi Ryuu simply from hearing descriptions of it. Narumi took note to every form he was taught, but he took to mind how he wanted to use his sword to defend himself and others instead of to end the life of his attacker and was granted so, teaching him the publicly unregistered first form, and has since then honed to perfect it. His experience has been described as “Hellish torture” as his body was stretched to nearly twice his limits. Narumi holds very high respect for his master and admires him as a combatant and a mentor, also respectful of his master’s tenets bestowed upon him:

1. No one must not know of his existence as Hotaru’s apprentice.
2. Narumi is not to join the ranks of Heaven’s Peak, for security’s sake.
3. Narumi must never kill unless it’s absolutely impossible to resolve the current confrontation.
4. “Make some friends you damn brat.”

To this day, Narumi upholds these tenets and value them above his own life.

Narumi Ishida

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