Trails of the Afterglow II

Luna's "Mission Diary" #2


July 22, 430 A.R.

Mission continues with the Saviour’s Cross drop outs. As we went further. There was this river area with lots of limestones around. Guess what? More Sahagins! And this time, they polluted the river with their poisonous fart, and they seem enjoying it. The old man actually went charging, Narumi also. They really hate Sahagins a lot. And so, again, we emerge victorious. Those two can actually shrug it off now. Can I safely assume that they are used to those farts now?… Anyway, we headed down to another beach area. There were more Saviour’s Cross drop outs this time. We can feel heavy footsteps. The Sahagin King is with them. Narumi did another ambush attempt. The ninja is actually skillful, as it is a success. Rory and Narumi, as always in our strategy, kept them at bay, though, as they hit the Sahagin King, it farts a thick cloud of poisonous gas. Luce uses her skill and got an info about the Sahagin. Aside from it’s obvious weakness, we found out that they named it from the god called….. “Uranus”. And so, Narumi did consecutive dashing cuts, which is very impressive. We defeated them in the end, and the Sahagin dissolves in the most wicked and disgusting way.

The party seems to be improving, everyone’s gem is glowing, which maybe most of them didn’t notice since they are busy solving this case. We went on and investigate the boat that they are loading. It’s the black goo again alright. We decided to ride the boat and let them take us to the source. To our surprise, we ended up at the lagoon. The Saviour’s Cross actually got busted by person with familiar voices who happen to be Cain and Selene. It is a dead end though, as we got informed that the boat we hijacked happens to be just a decoy. At a loss at what to do, we decided to follow the original plan and try to look for the source again.

As we headed for it. The sky darkens and a storm rushes again. The events were too familiar to be missed out. Leviathan came again, this time, she is in a far more worse shape than last time. A crystal seems to be causing it’s unease. Jackie quickly made a bomb that she is sure that would break the crystal extruding from it. We went on and try to execute the plan, however, a woman dressed in a white bridal gown shot us from a far. She is a fellow sniper with huge chest and red hair. Narumi went on and challenge the lady, but she was agile enough to avoid him. She is also too quick on giving banters on Narumi as they fight. I wanna shoot that lady so bad, so I did. She actually is agile enough to try to dodge, but she hit her head making her dizzy. Luce used her skill to try to find out who is this girl. It happens to be that she is an elite sniper, out of our league. We decided to do the priorities first. Luce then used her rapier to poke the tentacles away as we try to lessen the distance between Leviathan and the boat. I tried another two shot, but skillful enough, she dodge both of them, she is, however got glazed on her waist, ruining the gown. She went giving another banter, got distracted and got slammed as the waters rocked the boat. Leviathan on the other hand, summons a maelstrom between us. As the events went on, Narumi went on with the distraction and knocks out the pilot of the boat. She tries to shake herself off, but we got away and 2 tentacles are now following her. Rory threw the bomb in place. But then we got interrupted as the lady uses a special skill and charmed a tentacle. How did she acquire that special skill? Anyways, I got knocked out of the fight. I hit my head so hard that I lost consciousness. I woke up and the battle’s over. They told me that Rory used his regained skill and mimics Luce’s Hellfire ability and lights up the bomb and finally destroyed the crystal.

The party won another hard fought battle. Though, Narumi seems to be scarred by the banters of that woman. That woman also give banters to those tentacles. “I’m not into that,” what does she actually mean? ( possible fourth wall break :D ). Leviathan expresses her thanks and gives us a gift. A shiny, pure, water orb. Narumi wants to sell it, so I gave it to Luce. I’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t snuck and sell Leviathan’s gift.

Anyways, we head back. George and the others are being reprimanded by the officials. I officially made them employees of my Father’s company. Their faces are full of hopes that time. Everyone deserves a chance to change and redemption. It feels nice to know they wanna change for the better. I also told them to keep quiet as everyone in the company knows I am dead. The party seemed shocked though. Well, this is the first time that they knew my dad’s company. With that, the Mission is Accomplished.



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