Trails of the Afterglow II

Luna's "Mission Diary" #1

Leviathan and Butts

July 21, 430 A.R.

Mission commences at early morning to the tropical beach area near the tentacle sighting. The party was in awe as we saw the beach. The water is as clear as glass.. So pure that we can’t believe that we saw these black waste stuff near here. Chase happens to know how to summon the Sea Goddess. Though he made it clear that it is a Traditional Maiden Dance. He pointed out Jackie after his failed attempt.. Though he forgot that me and Luce also fit the criteria…. We pointed out our weapons at him. It’s funny that Narumi pointed out that Chase did the dance despite him being a man. Chase paused for a moment and changed the subject.. I don’t know why he likes to be in a conflict like this, but these moments are rather fun, keeping everyone cool.

I volunteered to do the dance instead. It was rather fun. I saw something coming towards us. Everyone draws their weapons. Instead of a giant monster that we expect to see, a sea creature humanoid appears. She doesn’t speak but Narumi translated her vibrations. Jackie saw him as a seismograph that time. The creature revealed itself as Leviathan. These black goo that polluted the sea, it took Leviathan most of her strength to keep the ocean clean. She can’t go back to her full self and stays as a humanoid girl. I felt we need to do something. We have to do something. Even goddesses has feelings. And she needs help, just as she helps us.

We decided that we investigate on it’s root cause at the contact point. We ended up at some shore where there is some Grotto. There’s nothing much about it, but there’s an underground door. I tried to open it but it made a noise. We alerted multiple Sahagins and it started attacking us. They are an annoying bunch really. One of them tried to stab Luce. I’m surprised as she held her ground and said “bring it!”. She is kinda hardcore that time. The old man starts doing his thing and clashes with the big one. The little ones starts farting on them. Narumi got angry, specially when one of them even wiggled it’s butt at him. We dispatched that Sahagin together. Narumi went for the overkill as he stomps it repeatedly. He went nuts about it.. Not gonna make him mad again..

After we defeated them. Rory and Narumi is still pissed at the Sahagins and their butts. Chase jokingly said, “If you feel that bad about it, you can look at Jackie’s butt”. Everyone pointed their weapons at him. Jackie was so surprised. Chase admits it was a joke but if Narumi still feels like it, he can just punch him. Narumi actually did. Chase is really good taking the edge off the party. It was really a good gesture.

As we investigated further. We ended up on some opening end of the grotto. We hid when we saw a boat with a group of Saviour’s Cross soldiers ride. As their group spilts, we decided that we do an ambush. This time, we atcually did exceptionally well. The ambush sets the momentum on our hands and wipe the floor clean. I shot one of them on the butt. We decided that we interrogate that man. He revealed that they are just dropouts from that group and now taking odd jobs just to get by. He also revealed that there are 2 key persons behind this. A woman in a white dress and a man in a black armor. He also warned us about a Sahagin King lurking around the rest of the grotto. Chase made a comment about it’s weakness, which is the back lower torso, the butt. It was butts these past few turn of events. I guess we leave the butts here.

I’m gonna make sure to make those two who hurt the goddess, pay.



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