Trails of the Afterglow II

Friends of the Silver-Haired Girl #1

Skillful Bunch

“Yesterday was a very fun day. The old man is great at gambling. You can see the experience as he play. I guess luck can be trained as a skill as well when people grow up. And I guess that shows that the old man isn’t just all muscle. He is a reliable one really.

He also gets to introduce me to streetfoods. Those fish ball thingy tastes awesome. I wonder how it would taste with cake and tea though. Hmmmm…. Better try it later. When we got back, Luce scolded me again. I never hold anything against her though. I kinda like it that she cares. I would like a big sister like her. Though I think she is keeping something in control inside of her. Hope she is okay.

We saw Jackie with her relative too. I wonder what seems to be the problem. It is the first time I heard her yell. She seems to be lying that she is okay after….. I wonder what should I do for her…

The morning was a refreshing one because of yesterday’s events even some of it isn’t a good moment. Money ninja…. I mean…. Narumi is getting ready to train. I think on this one, we are on the same page. He suddenly got interested when he learned I could fight with Martial Arts and decided to have a spar with me. He is very skilled. He incorporates his style with his sword techniques. I think our martial arts isn’t as far off. The styles seem similar.

We put our sparring to a halt when we heard Luce scream. Only to find out that she accidentally broke her contacts. Poor Luce. It looks like it hurt a lot. Wonder why she likes wearing one and the hair color which she also changes often. Hmmmm…. Oh well.. people like to do things, and I happen to like shiny things. I should not think hardly about that.

Our party gets ready for another adventure! Good luck to us!! Aigis is ready to go!"

- Luna Oberon, narrating what she felt those days


Lel Luce screaming in pain for the contacts was more painful for her than being stabbed apparently.

Actually, when you get stabbed you don’t even have the voice to scream due to the shock of being stabbed. :0


Thus giving Naru and Luna the impression of Luce in danger xD


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