Trails of the Afterglow II

Luce's Adventure log #2

still incomplete

[Log entry: July 22, 430 A.R]
Well, the mission’s a success, we got to save the Leviathan and close the case of the Rutherford company. I learned to tune out the madness that I call my allies, quite an experience if you ask me. This team is way better than of being with those egotistical researchers I used to call teammates back in Artestech, I wonder how that guy does it though. I do hope he’s doing okay with his research. Genius or not, he’s still like a younger brother to me.

It’s a shame we couldn’t get a sample of that crystal lodged in the Leviathan before it got smashed into bits. Somehow, it reminded me of… No, I hope it’s not what I think it is.

I already contacted the man whose been the one checking the black goo sample out, He said that he’ll be giving the results tomorrow. I hope I don’t have to resort on even checking myths of every other country out there to know what that is.

I couldn’t sleep and the tea just sets my nerves at ease. I checked the gift Leviathan gave us. Well, it’s a relic that’s for sure. It’s got the same energies as a spirit ward you get from any church but much stronger, around 5x the magnitude. As much as I’m thankful, I’m also worried about the other sacred beast/guardians whatever they want to call them. So I had my connections have it checked. They’re currently working on it, they’re a bit surprised that I’ve been asking around. I just told them that something came up and I needed information and updates on those places.

They joked about me having the idea of taking over Aleria, HA! As if, I may be a bit of a control freak but not THAT kind of control freak. Anyways, both Rosevine and Dandelion has a bit of a problem as of the moment. Two of my favorite places in Aleria. Ahhhh well.

Perhaps I can visit those shop I used. To buy my stocks of both raw coffee beans and ingredient for tea. I’ll make the most of it and get some the plausible combination for the ginseng tea I’m going to make.

Speaking of Information, Whoever this Loveless is, she’s pretty good if I’m drawing blanks on her or maybe she’s someone important on some shady-ass organization.
A “Society” whose name escapes me at the moment, but I swear I will find the truth until then I will call her as what George calls her. The Ironmask guy as well, should I ever get a hold of him, I will find what’s his name and where they belong.

Heh, they can’t blame me for that, After all, I’m an information broker. What’s my use if I don’t have the information I need?



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