Trails of the Afterglow II

Luce's Adventure Log # 1

forget the paperwork, join the fray!

[ Log July 17, 430 AR]

As If this day couldn’t get any weirder. First and for all, I basically abandoned my paperwork over this and I don’t regret it. Accepting my sister’s request to talk to the person who keeps on planting seismograph all over the place was one. Accepting a deal with a girl who wishes to explore Wyvern’s Perch. My gut feeling was right about her being the one I was looking for; the girl, Jackie didn’t even bother hiding her seismograph planting habits. She’s a brilliant potion maker though.

Her companions were a bit overwhelming, to be honest. A girl with Silver hair and Ruby eyes who obviously likes shiny things, She looks familiar. I guess I have to do a background check on Luna Oberon she’s an awesome sniper though.

There’s also that Orient ninja, Ishida Narumi was his name I think. He’s really good at his blade and has an eye of an appraiser. Everything was fine until we asked her to give the permit to go on the lower levels. Especially when that thing that disturbed my sister’s tech, taunting us to go to his lair due to some disturbances. She refused to let me join them, and to my and probably everyone’s surprise. He was the first one to step up in my defense while I was on a verge of a silent mental breakdown

With a promise to me not dying in this mission, she relented and the deal was on.
Now, I wonder who is this other companion they keep on mentioning.

[Edited Log: July 18, 430 AR]
Wow, Never thought we’d have a veteran within our midst. Awesome, I guess this will be worth it. Now, if only my colleagues stop calling me to answer stupid questions.


the last part got me xD

Luce's Adventure Log # 1

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