Trails of the Afterglow II

Friends of the Silver-Haired Girl #2


The mission sure is fulfilling. We took a load off and went off to our own separate agendas. I stayed at the bar. I happen to stumble on Chase, who is drinking this drink called, “Rootbeer”. I tried it out, and it was good. I felt bad on hogging the root beer, so I bought his favorite drink, which is tea. He removed his glasses before drinking tea. He was actually pretty handsome. He is full of himself though. I heard dribbling noises. I had hope it is basketball. And so it is, and Jackie and Narumi is playing it. She was actually very good at it. We ended up teaching Narumi together. But then, I had a 1 on 1 match with her, which I lost. She is actually very fast. Rory and Luce arrived. The old man actually plays too. He dunked on me. He was so cool. Luce, however, jokingly checked if the board is okay. The old man is overwhelmingly strong. They continued to talked about coffee. Luce gave a coffee she got from traveling which made Narumi happy even if he is not showing it. Narumi also promised to teach us some skills later on.

Jackie proposed that we had a girl talk. The group splits. Jackie then went on and shared her worries. She is having financial problems and needs our support. Her question that if we consider her as a friend made me feel good and bad at the same time. I can now safely say that I made friends with these people in the party. At the same time, I feel useless. I wish I could have done more or could do a thing for each of their worries or problems, which also making me feel a little regret about hating my father and ignoring his lessons. He knows about mining and business than anyone I know off. It might have helped Jackie this time. It might had helped Narumi if he has money problems. Am I being selfish? Am I only thinking of my own happiness back then?

Luce proposed a group hug. It felt great having friends. As we went back, the two guys is beaten up. I took out my rifle as they might have been attacked, but they just had a spar. Narumi taught Rory how to sharpen his skills. I am actually impressed as he can actually pass something to Rory which is a veteran. Narumi gave Luce some ginseng, which I tasted. It reminded me of Alice’s cooking. She uses these kinds of ingredients when she cooks. Is it a trait which Orient people have? Anyway, Luce seems concerned at some point. She is very caring. She always looks after me. I wish I could do something for her sometime.

We went on and watch how Narumi tries to make Rory sleep. He chopped his jugular, knocking him off. Luce is surprised and asked why, though it seemed effective. Rory is sleeping like a log. Jackie proposed to just make him a Sleeping Potion. Everyone agreed and decided to get some sleep themselves. I decided to have a little stroll myself.

I was actually out of bullets, so I went for a little shopping. It is time to give Aigis some maintenance. As I got near the store where Mr. Han is. I saw mom went out the door and the red haired guy that I met previously. They seem to know each other as they speak casually. What are these two doing here? I went to Mr. Han for answers. He insisted that I read the letters my mom left for answers. And so, I went home and contemplated to read the letter or not. But I fell asleep.

As the sun rises. I am surprised that almost everyone didn’t actually sleep. Jackie enthusiastically shows everyone the Sleeping Potion, but then falls asleep herself. Luce did some research about something. Narumi seemed continue his training, he also is falling asleep. Chase showed us papers. We got the sign for our permits and it also gives us a huge reward. Narumi suddenly wakes up as he heard money. Though, the paper shows, we need another one. Chase gave us 2 options for us to get our next signature. Rosevine, which there were frequent forest fires occurring and Dandelion where there’s an epidemic pollen outbreak. The majority chose Dandelion as our next adventure stop.

I am excited on our next adventure. I will do my best this time.



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