Trails of the Afterglow II

Luna's Mission Diary #4

Yurran Military Academy

( Insert date )

Mission continues to find our culprit. Chase leads us up to Yurran, as he suspects that one of his fellow student was a culprit with an Artesleast to be of our lead. We happen to see Miss ( rich girl ) and Lindson who has a smoking car. We had fixed the engine so that we can take a ride to Yurran. Apparently, Lindson was a lousy driver, I kinda lost track on what was happening on the way.

We arrived at the City in just a matter of time. However, we need to gain access to the academy without drawing much attention. Good thing Chase have these disguises. Student Uniforms which I don't want to disclose on who is it originally from. I rather not stay here for long. This academy brings back many bad memories.

There were 4 students in question, according to Instructor Illburns's deductions of our clue, (girl with glasses), (sweaty dude), (high dude), and Linde. The group then gathered intel from the 3 students that was around the campus, which made Linde, the one that we didn't talk yet, more of our primary suspect. We can't find the suspect until an earthquake gave away her position. The Underground Training Site.

It seems that my ID still exist and is being used as a Training Parameter for the area. We met this Justicar, who seem to be protecting something, might be our suspect, though, we can't get in as one of us, Chase, has bad intentions to it's master. We headed down without him. As we went deeper, we had faced massive amounts of Ridewords and Knight Statues. I guess it is trying to utilize my weakness to the fullest. Luckily, money Ninja and the old man charged in, wiping the floor clean. I gotta say, my party members are really an exceptional bunch.

We had faced, another two way corridor. Which we chose the right side one out of curiousity. A shiny button lie dormant until Jackie pressed it. A voice speaks to us. Wants us to answer several questions. I'm glad I have them by my side, or else, I would be electrocuted several times. Answering all of them gave us some fancy items and silver as a reward. It made money ninja happy and 300 silvers richer.

We decided to go to the other corridor which has another two-way junction. This time, both had menacing presence. We decided to break the door open with the "Don't Enter" sign. We ended up in front of a spatial rift. I tried to peek, and saw what appears to be Valkyries. The whole party suddenly went back, and fixed the door. Now we know why it says do not enter.

The party pressed on to the right-side hallway. It leads us to a huge dome with a large cocoon at the back. The Justicar has been waiting for us. It is holding Linde, our primary suspect. It has revealed that she was manipulated in doing the crime and it had been controlling her after for protection not only from the unknown manipulator, but also to herself. Narumi decided to cut down the Justicar, which led to a fight. We proved victorious turning it to Mana Essence. The cocoon started splitting, and released a giant naked girl. It was the Earth Goddess Coatlicue. The goddess speaks through bell chimes, fortunately, Yurran students knows how to interpret these sounds.

She doesn't have memories from the day she is put in a stasis inside a cocoon until now. She blames herself to had neglected her responsibilities. We had decided to show her the situation to make up for it which she agrees. She grew from her head a plant which then turns to a small naked girl of human size. Instructor Illburns arrived along with Chase and sees the girl. She then decided to let Lady Coa stay at the surface of Yurran Academy Campus as her new home which made the Goddess happy.

Instructor Illburns decided to let us stay for summer lessons as we wait for Linde to wake up. It is really a pain. Though, it might be fun since this time, I have my friends here with me.

This ends my log for this event, I'll be taking a walk with money Ninja and Lady Coa as he teaches her a thing or two about the modern times. Do I have to translate for her for the rest of the time we have here at Yurran? Well, Let's just wait and see.

Mission Accomplished and waiting for the next one.



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