Nemesie Odyssia K. Clemntine

Coffeeholic Academic Guard


Personal Details:
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 31th October 406A.R.
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 110.4 lbs
Hometown: Cestia
Nationality: Alerian
Occupation: Senior Academic
Castlewatch: Perillous member

Artestech: Senior academic
Castlewatch, Perillous.

Likes: coffee , coffee beans , physics, rare coffee beans, S C I E N C E , teasing Aiden, teasing Luce, dotting Luce, freshly grinded coffee beans, fashion, freshly pressed coffee, dotting Aiden.

Dislikes: her sisters getting hurt, Luce getting into trouble, ice coffee, other Clementine relatives.

Nataliya Kirisenko-Clementine – Mother (dead, New Ieslander Xorgioux)
Lucius Aesir Clementine – Father (dead, Cestia, Alerian)
Luce Elysia Clementine -Sister (alive, Location: you all should know)
Tristana Leah Clemintine -Sister (alive Location: ???, Brindtsong, Aleria)


Older sister of Luce, definitely has coffee in her veins. Currently busy with the war effort. Fashion on fleek.

Threat level : 40, 50 if deprived of coffee.

Nemesie Odyssia K. Clemntine

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