Luce Clementine

Charming Informat with nimble hands


Level: 24
Growth Type: Balance
HP: 2700
SP: 7
Exp: 0
Silver: 1000
Ethermass: 950
Tension points: 0/5
Ex Gauge: 0/5
AP : 1

STR: 12 C
DEX: 14 C
MND: 17 B
SOL: 17 C

P.ATK: 1000
E.ATK: 1600
ACC: 11
AGI: 6
POT: 1300
P.DEF: 400
E.DEF: 500
HP Bonus:700
SP Bonus: 1
Weapon:Epee Cadeceus’ point [Finesse type: ARMOR PIERCE 3-6 chance of ignoring 1/2 of p.def]
ether up II & artes heal

Armor: Sorteria Fashionista||Leather armor
block seal

Accessory: Ether ring I
Imitation guts ring
Aether code: Astral Rising (Smite )
Aether code: Burn in hell (Hellfire)
Aether code: Asclepius’ pulse (Recover)
Analytical scrutiny (Deconstruction Analysis)
Aether code: Ethereal blades (Boomerang wave)
Aether code: Frozen Emotions (Calamity: Obliterate: Absolute zero)
Right back at ya (Counterforce)

Growth trait: Cypher B
+1 bonus to all stats, once per battle become immune to [knock]

Once per round, redraw your initiative card. It can’t be lower than your previous one.

Traits: Charismatic|| You have a personality that gathers people around you and allows you to sway them to your favor. +1 Cinema rank when talking to crowds and groups.

(Gain +1 to Bond Meter gain when in a bond scene with two or more links. -10% off from friendly shops.).

Backline Ability:
MUST DISINFECT -Remove 1 Debuff once per turn.


“You who seeks dissonance within others.

Seek them out and strike true, plant the seeds of anger and chaos within and watch as they bring forth their own fate to an end."

Chaotique Caduceus

Ougi Quotes
“Sorry (not sorry), but I need to take this call.” “Can we pause for a bit, I REALLY have to take this call”
“Let’s spread DISCORD” “Brb, call.” “Hello, new phone who this?”

Luce fakes/or really takes a call to piss her enemies down or she’ll do something incredibly stupid.

Somewhere along the way, they find themselves engaging her, ignoring the rest of the party.

Roll 1-3= Def Up
Roll 4-5= Spd up
Roll 6 = Both / Daze small area
Aggro enemies towards her

3x P.Atk/E.Atk single target

Lasts for 2 turns.

Locked-2nd ougi:- Athena’s gaze

Upon activation, auto Deconstruct Analysis on [all] enemies with no penalties. Deal x 3 pot ( can reduce by def)
Allies gain Ex-advantage on both attack and defense rolls. (2 turns)

+1 link assist (bond rank 5 gets +2)


Personal Details:

Full name: Clementine, Luce Elysia K.
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 1st of March 410 A. R.
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 128.50 lbs
Hometown: Cestia
Nationality: Alerian
Occupation: Archaeologist Academic and Information broker(AGENT).

St. Aqua Academy Alumni
Artestech: ACADEMIC
Halophate:Freelancer Information Broker (in a way)
ASD TRUST Agent 013

Likes: Tea specifically the Roselthorn blend, adventure, dark chocolate eclairs, mild spicy food, home-made food, relics, medicine, information, traveling.

Dislikes: coffee, being underestimated, being compared to whoever, Bullies, LITTERING, lack of information, slipping up,and people who mishandle old relics and scrolls.

Nataliya Kirisenko-Clementine – Mother (deceased, New Ieslander Xorgioux)
Lucius Aesir Clementine – Father (deceased Cestia, Alerian)
Nemisie Odyssia Clementine -Sister (alive, Location: Kingsfall, Brindtsong)
Tristana Leah Clementine -Sister (alive Location: kingsfall, Brindtsong)

VOL 1:
Luce originally has green hair and mint green eye color but due to her current job and for some other reasons, she dyes her hair red and wears violet contacts.

Commonly seen with her signature hair bun, a dark gray choker with an orange gem at its center. A pastel lavender strapless top secured with a corset underneath her black bolero, white gloves, paired with muted Heather jeans and gray boots.

Update Vol 2:
Luce is now rocking her original hair color and rarely uses contacts. What’s she wearing, however, is a whole different thing. Stay tune~

Current Alignment: Neutral good.

Luce is the type of person who can be awkward and still be charming in her own way, with her hands as nimble and precise as a professional surgeon, she is well known as someone who can carry around delicate papers who’s age is definitely centuries older than her. She’s good with machinery but not as good as her older sister due to her scatterbrain tendencies.

It is suspected that Luce has little self-preservation when her mind is set on something

Stubborn as a rock, Luce’s pride is something that can be both her gift and curse. Due to her past mission that made her group with people, it became apparent that she doesn’t like losing something or anyone for that matter.

Her fear is to fail in helping someone.


As a Archaeologist, no one in the party knows what her research is about. She told them that she’s been handling relics, ancient scrolls, and ancient books.

As a Information broker, the only organization who knows that she’s a Clementine is the Halophate mostly because of her sisters, however outside she is mostly known as Luche Kirisenko.

As Agent 13, she is known to be one of the best (new blood) undercover agent and one of the youngest as well. Used to handle sensitive documents over relics they had to move around.

Random Facts:

  • As much as Luce doesn’t like to drink coffee, she can brew a mean cup of coffee;
  • Same goes for tea. (She has a lot of tea in her inventory)
  • She’s religious, but not to the point of being a zealot.
  • Due to her travels and her past employers, she was able to get rare teas and coffee beans; has her own bag for it, where she places it, however, no one knows it yet. It’s heavily implied that she’s the one roasting the coffee beans her sister likes the most.
  • She actually has a stable income as a freelance informant.
  • She knows how to dance and sing, however, she doesn’t like to do either of those in front of anyone. she says it’s embarrassing to be seen in her utmost vulnerable moment.
  • You hurt her sisters, she will find a way to hurt you, that includes the party.
  • Worrywart
  • By the age of 19, she already traveled to New Iesland, Corseria, and Orient for her research and job. Ever since the fall of her first team, she’s always been a lone wolf.
  • Luce has a knack for tinkering machinery but not as good as Nemesie. Cadeceus point and her phone are linked to each other. Both are her Arcus.
  • Luce actually likes paperwork, she just doesn’t like people being nosy about her work. That’s why she keeps on saying that she doesn’t like paperwork.
  • The snakes ornament of her weapon is a memento from her parents. It’s actually a dagger with a mod to create sound waves to render people from mildly irritated to outright drop unconscious. Luce re-coded it to her Arcus so that she could use it to focus the aggro on her.
  • BY ANY MEANS DON’T LET HER COOK FOOD. she can make beverages for all they care, just not food.

Luce Clementine

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