Luna Oberon

Protective Platinum Maiden with Exceptional Eyes


Level: 14

Maximum HP: 1000
Maximum SP: 5

Str: 5 [D]
Dex: 15 [A]
Mnd: 1 [D ]
Sol: 2 [B]

LVL5: +100 HP, +100 ATK, +1 Dex
LVL10: +Str, +100 Pot, +1 Acc

Weapon: Aigis ( Customized Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle ) +500 Atk, +1 Acc
Armor: Leather Armor +100 P.Def, +100 E.Def
Acc: Angelius ( Power Ring ) +100 Atk

Attack: 1500
Ether: 0
Accuracy: 10
Agility: 8
Potential: 500
Critical Chance: 2
Physical Defense: 200
Ether Power: 100
Ether Defense: 100


Snipe ( Take Aim )
Piercing Caliber ( Break Sniper )
Ignition Trigger ( Burning Heart )
Lock n Load ( Natural Agility )


RG-07 Project: Mjollnir – Deals 2x True Damage in a line. Can only be increased with Critical damage in conjunction with Take Aim.

Traits: Noble Shine

Growth Trait: Brave

Backline Ability:

Protective Sight – interrupts an attacking enemy with a basic attack, and staggers it. The one that will be attacked can Link Assist successfully.


Personal Details:

Full Name: Elune Atoli Oberon Shicksal
Age: 19
Birthday: January 17, 411 A.R.
Hometown: Rosevine, Brindtsong
Nationality: Alerian
Likes: shiny things, guns, archery, food, MANGOES, music, dancing, cats, moon, making friends, learning, sports, mythology
Dislikes: dirt on shiny things, being forced, amusement parks, crawling insects, clowns

“I will utilize this freedom to the fullest.”


Mother: Maria Atoli O. Schicksal
Father: Frederick von Schicksal ( deceased )

“I miss my mother. I wonder how she is.”

Luna is a white haired Halophate rookie who has very keen perception and senses. Also brings a long rifle with her at all times. A skilled marksman that no one has ever seen her miss her mark. With her crimson red eyes, she can see anything coming.

Current Alignment: Lawful Good

Shy but fun to be with. Luna tries hard to make friends and consider them precious. She uses her eyes to keep her friends safe. Though, she prefers it that she stays on the back line socially and on the battle, she is not afraid to put herself on harm for the sake of a friend or an ally. She also tends to look around with protective eyes when her party is idle. She prefers to shoot out targets that are the most threatening one to her party members. With her keen eyes, she can quickly react and save allies behind her scope. She seems to miss out many things when she was a child as she doesn’t know some common things that an adventurer should have. She tends to sulk or space out when the topic is family related.

As time pass, Luna tries to make bonds with her friends. She see them precious, more precious than her own.

She has a white hair with long bangs swept to her left. She tucks her hair inside the collar of her coat which rests on her collar/shoulder to her chest. She wears a black long coat and inside sleeves and serves as gloves as well. Her coat sleeves and her inside sleeves both have bullet pockets on them. She mostly uses the left pockets. She wears a black corset with platinum chains design at the sides and platinum for the belts. She wears 2 belts which holds her small pouch for ammunition. She swears slightly-bondage pants and tucked in her white leather boots.

She is the daughter of the late Frederick von Schicksal. Owner of Schicksal Mining and Weapons Manufacturing which he left in her daughter’s name. Luna, however, seems to be not the one responsible of it’s operations now and is being run by her mother instead. She always says it is her dad’s company with her mind unconsciously using it as her own by helping people financially.

Her mother is Maria Atoli O. Schicksal. An ex-military sniper who now spends her time running Luna’s inherited business. She is somewhat responsible of Luna’s freedom over her inherited restriction.

Talents and Abilities:
Her eyes are from the Oberon bloodline. It can see from the smallest of specs to a person from afar. It can also register more detail than the average person can see. She can also see well in the dark without any help from night vision. With semi-military training, Luna can utilize her eyes to the fullest as a Sniper. The greatest feat Luna had accomplished using her eyes is hitting a bottle from 1700m using an old rifle without a scope.

Her eyes aren’t that perfect. it is very sensitive that a small flash of light can blind her for a brief moment. Bumpy rides easily makes her nauseous. Same with Optical Illusions.

She’s also knowledgeable when it comes to mechanical engineering because of her father’s business and her mother’s semi-military training. Luna wanted to use this skill to create weapons like her parents did. She never had the chance though.

Her mother also trained her in various martial arts. Eight-Trigram Palm is her hand to hand style as she and her mother tends to have small framed bodies. Her sword style, however, seems to be an incomplete practice, as even Maria herself haven’t mastered it. She, however, just said that she learned swordsmanship from an Oriental Master.

Luna also self-studied musical instruments on her spare time. One of the few things she learned outside the business. She can play the guitar, the violin, the piano, and her favorites, the flute and the harmonica ( probably because both of them are made in shiny metallic materials ). Her mastery on a wind instrument had even led her to learn play a leaf flute. She also have a beautiful singing voice that she developed through her breathing practices from her semi-military training. She listens to music through her phone which only contain classical music and songs. ( She is quick at learning an instrument and her taste in music isn’t defined yet. It is even possible to hook her into death metal music if someone introduce it to her and convince her enough. )

Her semi-military training also made her a great dancer as she is flexible and can control her body well. her dad hired many people to teach her to present herself to clients on any occasions even in fancy parties, which she neglected most of it except for dancing.

Schicksal Mining and Weapons Manufacturing is the leading company of its kind. Though, public opinion is not in their favor because of it’s involvement to several wars and tragedy in Brindtsong. Since the death of it’s former CEO, Frederick, it lay-low on the development of new weapons and is creating something new. Luna, however, is not aware of this.

Aigis – ( Modeled from Barrett M107 long barrel ) A customized .50 Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle. It is made from Steel-Chromium Alloy with Platinum finish. The gun shoots custom made .50 Armor Piercing Rounds. It has the Arcus slots at the back side of the gun and an ignition system at the bolt area. It is a memento given by her Mother.

It is first created from an existing Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle that Maria found on her days as a Military Sniper. She took it to the Armory where she met Frederick. The gun however is pretty damaged up to be restored, however, Frederick decided that they tinker with it to create something new from it. Frederick created the very first “Ignition System” to be fit into a rifle. It had gone way beyond it’s purpose as an “Anti Materiel” weapon.

Mjollnir Railgun Addon – The ignition system that gave birth to Aigis was incomplete. It was merely a prototype project of Schicksal Company to create such power source for the Arcus without the reliance to natural mana. Thermal Energy was the first. Thermal Energy, however, cannot compare to the complexity of Mana and Mana Circuits, thus scrapping the project. It is, however, recycled to be another system. It was first tested on the rifle that Maria found which resulted to a success. Maria, however, had a different thought in mind. She suggested that maybe this project was really fated to be something else. She thought that this might revive the relic of a rifle in front of them in a form of a new weapon. Therefore, Frederick started to make designs of it. A Railgun which resembles a destructive weapon that once threatened the nations. Maria was reluctant at first, that it might give a bad image, but she eventually agreed as it might be the chance to show that the weapon can save lives aswell. Hence, Mjollnir Project has started with the rifle Aigis as the center.

Luna Oberon

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