Trails of the Afterglow

Voice log #3

At this point, my resume might as well be nonexistent. Taken down twice by that twisted son of a bitch, Tyr. What a way to show disgrace to my shishou. I’m starting to believe that I am not worth wielding Surugaya, that Mouri’s eyes are as bad as his age suggests.

Two Sides of a Coin 3
War Within

“Life isn’t always what you expect. It can’t always be about joyful dreams or epic stories. All you can do, is carve that story to your liking. Even if you have to take everyone down.”

A voice speaks within my head. A voice that sounds certain. A voice that sounds serious. It comes from a woman who shows herself from the deep shadows on this psyche of mine.

A woman who looks like me. A woman who looks like she has been through a lot. A woman who went through hell. On second thought, she looks nothing like me. I am a nobody, unlike her.

“Sure you can. You just need to let go of your attachments. Or better yet, kill them. Kill everything that gives you nothing but pain.”

Maybe she is right. Maybe I should.

“Don’t listen to her. You can build your future because you have them.”

Another voice speaks within my head. A voice that sounds proud. A voice that is serene. It comes from a woman who shows herself from the other side of the shadows. She illuminates them.

A woman who looks like me. A woman who looks like she had accomplished a lot. A woman who stands firm on what she believes in. An achiever that I never become and would probably not happen.

“The story of your life so far is a story of a girl who searches for her identity. A girl that wants a name of herself. A girl who only wished for peace. That’s why you fight, and your friends believe in that idea too. I got this far because of them. This world might be cruel, it really is. Which is why it needs you.”

It needs me? What can I do? What difference does it make?

Night Luna: heh. This is exactly why it’s just dreams. It is full of fantasy. False ideas. Look around you, people are dying. For what? Dreams? Don’t make me laugh. Face reality and adapt to it. You don’t have to let them hurt you again. It’s your time to do the hurting. It’s your time to be the oppressor. It’s your time to kill. That is what your heart say. That’s what you truly want. You want to kill that girl that bullied you at Yurran, right?.

Day Luna: that just only leads to more bloodshed. You are better than that. You finally earned true friends that would be with you through thick and thin. People that would not hurt you and would not let you be hurt again. Be proud that you have endured all those hardships. You have shown that you have a pure heart. A person that knows what it’s like. A person that can save another because she knows that path they are taking. Imagine leading that girl to a right path. She needs people like you."

Night Luna: don’t listen to that fool. That’s not what you truly desire. You know it. You desire to kill. You want to kill Tyr, right? I know you do. You want to kill everyone that oppressed you. And so you must. And you can only do it if you detach yourself from those things that stop you. Those friends of which this other one speaks. You don’t want to kill them. They are the only ones that showed you kindness, but for how long? Do you think they still need you if they knew what you truly desire? Or rather they are just using you because they know what you really are? In that battle with Tyr, what if you just let that scientist die? Tyr had a hard time with Loki and Rory. You know you could’ve ended Tyr then and there. Besides, if Loki’s gonna die anyway, why not bring Tyr with him?

Day Luna: for what cost? A death of a friend? What do you think that would bring? Victory? Loki and Rory are gallant soldiers and good friends. Superiors that you have delight in learning from. People that shares experience with you. What good is there if they die? Why do you fight? What’s the reason your father build weapons? Is it really to kill? I know you cherish his goal of peace. You made it your own goal as well. Your dad builds weapon to create peace and end wars, but his greatest creation is you. The Peacemaker that would one day wield those weapons to create a brighter future.

Night Luna: heh. You really wanna listen to that Dream? You yourself tried to follow that path, but did it changed anything? People still die and fight. Those weapons still kill. Stop following that path and make your own. If you have to stain that new path with blood, so be it. I will help you see reality and kill this dream that is hurting you. I am your true desires. Together, we will show them the true Luna Schicksal.

Day Luna: don’t do it. Don’t let those negative desires get the best of you. You can become me, your ideal person. It is possible to bring such peace if you just stay on the path that you believe in. The path that you walk with others to peace. Be the Luna Schicksal that leads them to that.

My other selves fight. I can only hear gunshots. Their words screams to me as shots echo around. I don’t know, I don’t know anymore. I want to get out of here. I want to die.

Night Luna: you don’t have to. Like I said, I will remove the pain away from you.

The dark woman embraces me. She seems to have stabbed the other one on the ground. She is covered in blood. The dark one pulls me to her and now she holds a gun and points at her.

Luna: what…. what are you doing?
Night Luna: removing the loose end.
Luna: n… no!

I tried to stop her. The gunshot flashed so bright that it blinded me. As i gain vision, a gun was in my hand. The other one was dead as she is shot in the head. Hehe….. no….. I shot her….. ha…. haha….. hahahahahahahaha…….. I’m both of them…… haha…… what the hell am I doing??……. haha….. hahahahahaha……….. haha……. ha……. But why are these tears falling?……. Haha…… I knew all along that they are me……. And those are my words…… Haha… what the hell is happening?…… I think I am crazy….. Maybe I am crazy….. haha……. I am crazy………….

Luna woke up that day while she is beside Anne. She quickly rose up and quietly packed her things. She bought a jeep from Mr. Ham and drove off. She dropped a message to recipient named Dara. The text message says “We need to talk.” After she sent the message, she called her trusty maid, Alice.

That day, Luna isn’t the same.

Adventure log #13
Midnight is where the stars shine bright.

[February 3, 431 A.R. 03:30 ]

We lost Loki, almost lost Anne too if it weren’t for Coa. The party is in low morale and even with my words, I doubt things will be easy.

Right now,I can’t afford to wallow in misery like I did before. That’s why, from now on, I will try to be strong for them. Or at least strong for those who need someone to lean on.

I for one, am not good for words. So I’ll try my best to support them.

I’ve realized that using Atermis on Iris will just stain it. I won’t use the crossbow he gave me until I tie some loose ends. I’ll talk to Chase about it once things are less hectic, and that we’re back to the ship.

How foolish of me to let my emotions get the better of me, again. This won’t happen again, I swear my life on it.

Fooled me once, shame on you.
Fooled me twice, shame on me.
I will make sure the third time will never happen.

Ugh, my head hurts.

[End log]

[Entry log: February 3, 431 A.R]

Luna has been acting strange lately. I never seen her so quiet before. Anne is getting better,but I had to make sure that whatever I did didn’t hurt her too much.

I’ve checked on everyone to make sure they’d be out of the woods. I also helped on organizing the medical papers for the Eternals to make things easier for their medical staff. I went off to get some medical supplies in Yurran as well.

No one really asks why I buy a bunch of medic supplies. Perks for being a known doctor huh. ASD TRUST hasn’t called me back, and I hope for a good reason.

Miss Arclese has to know, no matter how strained their relationship between her, Loki (blessed his soul), and lady Saya has become.

They were once friends and allies, after all…

[Entry log end]

[Entry log: February 4, 431 A.R ]

[ log classified. ]

[ view Log anyways? Y / N]

[ Access denied: Authorization level insufficient. ]

[Force log close]

[Entry log: February 5, 431 A.R ]

it’s been a few days ever since Cadeceus point got back. It feels a bit different.

Miss Arclese told me that it’s a [ REDACTED ]. Kinda like [ REDACTED ] but more like [ REDACTED ] or even [ REDACTED ].

I’m a bit scared on how this will go. I don’t want things go awry just because of this. The metal apparently has properties of [ REDACTED ] and most of the users gets [ REDACTED ]. Even the [ REDACTED ] like [ REDACTED ] and probably [ REDACTED ] are bound to get those [ REDACTED ].

That said, i need to do more research on this. I guess on my own now since, Luna seems to be…. Distant, tad hostile to be honest. I don’t know what’s happening with her, and that worries me. Is it a relapse?

I need to talk to Rory about this, but I don’t want to bother him at the moment.
Narumi seems to be different as well.

I’m so lost and scared but I can’t afford to lose this.

I can’t afford to lose another family.
[Entry log end]

[Entry log: February 6, 431 A.R.]

This worries me, these dates I saw with
Tyr’s plans. I have to give Castlewatch some updates. I’m thinking of a way to give it to them without being too obvious. Nem and Tris will understand why and how I got such info.

Once this is over, or we find a time to talk, I’ll tell them the truth. Will not go back to cestia. I don’t need to anyways.

I had my parents stuff be sent our house in [ REDACTED ]. It’s safe from either wars since its isolated.

Anyways, I know telling everyone in the party about Ben Grey’s project is a risk.

Especially with this so called traitor within our midst. Whoever that is, I hope they’re ready for a reckoning.

Them, and Tyr and his dogs.

Chi ha fatto il mala, faccia la penitenza.

Let those who perish reignite the flames of resolution. Let no crimes go unpunished. They will face justice, and we won’t be alone in this one.

[Entry log end]

Lost in thoughts...
Luce's Aventure log # 12

I know it’s useless of me to check on them, every time they fall down. I just can’t help it. As much as it looks like its coddling, it’s not. It’s far from coddling when you worry infections. I’ve been in several medical camps and some fatalities came from a single wound gone wrong or atrophy from a poorly healed wound.

I’ve seen deaths over the simplest things due to recklessness, negligence, and sheer stubbornness…

Infections into necrosis into sepsis and sooner or later shock then death. Magic and Medicine can only do so much. Sometimes to save a life something needs to be sacrificed, something to give up. Most don’t take it well, whenever asked if they wanted it amputated, they refused, and when the time comes that their bodies take its toll, they come in begging for death. They would rather die than to lose a limb.

Doctors do as much as they can to keep mortality rates low, but sometimes things don’t work out the way people want it to.

I’m probably saying this to help me sleep at night or to feel less burdened of my specialty in this profession.

2 cases of mercy killing ever since the war started. There are more cases of Euthanasia all throughout but that’s not on my count… I’ve been evading the other euthanasia specialists here in Brindtsong. Knowing that they’re getting paid for killing someone vulnerable, and get paid for it is… Appalling. Even if it’s a voluntary one, they don’t let those people go in a less painful way. I can’t look at them in the eye and not punch them.

The only reason why I’m not a pariah in the medical field is because I rarely do what I’m good at and that It takes a lot of convincing for me to do so. Some hate me for keeping them alive, their family, however, grateful.

What baffled them is that I’d rather be paid for my second opinion than to be paid for giving them the rest they want. No matter how many times people try to flip things around, killing is still killing. No matter how merciful it may look like or how pure the intentions are. I can only pray for the fact that Vattos will forgive me for the things I did before.

As much as the Clementines in Cestia are loved for their profession. I won’t be surprised if they’re mafiosi. They certainly feel like one. Unfeeling, greedy, poor-excuse of a family. No wonder, my father was an outlier. A black sheep amongst the white ones.

I love my Sorelle, I love them so much that it hurts to feel a bit jealous over the fact that they no longer have chains and shackles from our relatives unlike me. Once all of this is done, I will never go back to Cestia. Never.

But none of that.

Right now, everyone seems to be preoccupied with the things happening or what’s going on. Perhaps filling Jackie and Chase in on who are the current people we know that we need to deal with is in order.

I’m worried about Luna and Bea’s fainting spell, I hope they don’t mind me doing another check up on them again. Not to mention her nightmare riddled sleep earlier. She’s been looking a tad pale for my liking, was it that bad? I may not be a psychologist, but I just hope she opens up to someone about it.

Ah, Loki too. I need to check on how his arm is healing up. As much as I’d love for him to fight alongside with us, There is no use overexerting a newly healed arm.

Hahahaha, It’s not like I’m faring any better. People do like stabbing my stomach after all. I’m just surprised I didn’t catch any complications due to those stabs and slashes. I really should avoid getting stabbed by anyone.

I wonder how is Jamil doing, did he get a proper prosthetics instead of another- spirits, why in the world is that demon arm attached to someone in the first place?! I trust him to get better and not to overexert himself, but considering how stuff is going on. I can’t help but worry about what he said to me back in Mussette. Is there something going on in ASD Trust? Does he know something?

Something is….wrong, I can feel it. Something is amiss and I’m getting anxious about it. I’m worried about Shuu and Hana. For obvious reasons, they’re not here. I don’t know what to expect, I’m scared that they too will follow the rest of my old team because I wasn’t there for them. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore. Oh god, please, please bring them back safely. Keep Leviathan safe as well. The guardians don’t deserve this kind of treatment. If this trip of ours gives us the chance to learn something that can help Tiamat then so be it. Perhaps it can help us to help the others should they get into the same situation.

Speaking of the other guardians, Rory said that Tanya is in Rosevine somewhere near the ruined oxymoronic tower. The Ruined ruin temple of the fire guardian, where her gift was lost along with Enishi’s sword. I don’t know what to make of this but I want to be there as soon as we’re done here. I feel restless about it.

Also, there’s the matter of the possibility of having a traitor in our group… I don’t know anymore, I just feel numb and resigned to it. I just fear the fact that I might’ve been an unknown accomplice. I don’t how to forgive myself should that happen. I’m scared of that possibilities. My mind is running a thousand simulations on what to do but nothing seems to hurt less than the other option.

One thing is for sure, I ought to extract all of their information before deciding on what to do with them.
speaking of which…

I can’t decide on whether to kill Iris, and break my oath as a doctor or have Iris face justice, and not break the Hippocratic oath, the oath of Maimonides, and the Physician’s oaths. Oaths, where I swore not to hurt anyone.

Mission dictates that Iris is to either be killed or captured and face the consequences. Of which I also swore to give those she wronged justice they’ve been deprived off. I’ve sworn to keep secrets to my grave and so be it. I’ve done what I can, and what a doctor ideally should do. For every death I’ve caused, I hoped for thousands to live.

I tried to understand her, I really did. Instead of resting, I went on and do missions. Along the way, I’ve been searching her trails. Nothing but ghosts of her. Soon enough, for the sake of my sisters, I modified and fortified my mask to make them not worry but those thoughts lingered on. those questions, stuck around. My feelings for her shifted, twisted, rears its ugly head and turned into something else.

I liked her once, now, I hate her.

Why did she let me live? Why did she use trails of dead comrades as my path out of that forest? Why did she have to do this? Why did she have to go that far? why Tyr of all people?

All of this hate, fear, and confusion swirling inside me, like a storm in the sea, meets an earthquake down below.

I’d probably go crazy if I were to be alone. Most likely dead. If it weren’t for this group, I’d probably just lose my mind with the things going on.

I’m grateful, and so I pledge…. I will do whatever it takes to keep them alive.

Two Sides of a Coin 2
Vibrant Rose

On a distant land, covered in green meadows. In an orphanage which functions as a school as well, children are running around with laughter as they play around. In the middle of those merry children, a woman with silver hair and ruby red eyes are playing with them as she carry another child on her arm. Along with her are an oriental woman which calls them for lunch.

The bunch had loaves of bread and salad as they merrily chat around. Then Miss Alice tells them about a group of heroes called the Afterglow, a group of heroes, teamed up to keep the world safe. Composes of an Ex-Soldier who is very strong and tough as a wall. A woman who’s a genius doctor and a great magician at the same time. A swordsman who hails from Orient that is a Master of the Nana-Kusanagi-Ryu. And a Keen Sniper who never misses her shot. Many more are in the said group. They are always there to help when someone is in peril.

Kid1: Miss Atoli, have you heard about the story that Miss Alice told us?
Kid2: They were so cool.
Atoli: weeeeell.. this is the first that I have heard of it.
Kid1: really? I wish they were real
Atoli: if you believe, then it is real.

Suddenly, a noise broke their happy conversation. As Miss Atoli went on the room. A little girl was crying. It seems that a group of 3 boys took her stuff toy away from her.

Atoli: now now you three, give it back.
Kid4: yikes! it’s Miss Atoli!

The three runs around them while passing the stuff toy. Miss Atoli seems to be having problems on stopping them. But then the 3 boys bumps into Miss Alice which has a scary look on her face.

Alice: if you three don’t give that back, you 3 will spend your night eating only vegetables for dinner…

The three got spooked and quickly gives the toy back.

Atoli: now now Alice, that’s pretty harsh.
Alice: but Lu…. I mean… Miss Atoli…
Atoli: they have learned their lesson.. right kids?
Kid5: r… right…. ehehehe….
Atoli: boys, everything you do has a reason to it. It might be deep or a shallow one. And bullying says more in itself.
Kid6: you always say very complicated things, Miss Atoli. Just cut to the chase.
Atoli: I think one of you has a crush on her.

The three boys blushed and quickly denied what Miss Atoli said as she chuckled and quickly ran off.

Girl: uhmmm… Miss Atoli.. thank you….
Atoli: don’t cry anymore, okay? If they mess with you again, just stand tall and be brave. If you can’t.. then just tell me, Alice, or your friends. Don’t be shy on asking for help, okay?
Girl: okay Miss Atoli.

The girl now calms down and smiled a little. The orphanage had a fun class after. But before the sun sets and the children was about to take a rest from a long class. Group of bandits barged in

Bandit1: looks like we hit the jackpot, an abundant amount of food and supplies here, with only kids and women.
Bandit2: talk about good looking school teachers.
Bandit3: alright, just give us your provisions and nobody gets hurt!

With the bandits pointing weapons at the group, the kids cower around Miss Atoli and Miss Alice.

Atoli: alright, take them, just don’t hurt the kids.
Bandit4: you are a brave one huh, I like women like that.
Girl: no!!

As the bandit grabbed Miss Atoli on her arm, the girl was hugging her tight.

Bandit1: you wanna get hurt kid?!

The bandit gave the girl an intimidating look which made the girl cry as she holds Miss Atoli’s skirt. The 3 boys saw the girl cry and then suddenly shoved the bandit away.

Kid4: leave them alone!
Kid6: yeah! you monkeys!
Bandit1: what the fuck did you say?!

The bandit hits one of the boys which sent him on the floor. The kids are in shock and now cowering in fear even more. Suddenly, a huge slapping noise quakes the room. Miss Atoli slapped the bandit hard.

Bandit1: you bitch! you wanna die?!

As the bandit face Miss Atoli, a revolver was put inside his mouth.

Atoli: how dare you hurt my student…

As the other bandits point their weapon at Miss Atoli, they got disarmed quickly by gunshots. Miss Atoli now points her other revolver at them. The other bandits outside are alerted and entered the room. This gave the 1st bandit, time, to remove the revolver away from his mouth. At that moment, a fight broke.

Miss Atoli and Miss Alice fights off the bandits like they are nothing. For the kids’ surprise, Miss Atoli isn’t a frail schoolteacher they thought she is. The duo kicked the bandits out of the Orphanage. But the bandit has some Armed Mechs with them which some of them rode off and flies around.

Atoli: I am truly sorry kids, I didn’t introduced myself fully to you. My name is Elune Atoli Schicksal, you guys can call me Luna.

She rips off her skirt and removed her blouse revealing her holster and leg bracers that is connected to a mechanism on her waist. A katana bursts out of her table and her revolvers changed to a huge Sniper Rifle.

Luna: let’s teach them a lesson, Alice.
Alice: understood, Lady Luna..

Blades comes out of her sleeve and a mask forms on her face. The duo goes out and confronted the mechs. The kids, specially the 3 boys and the girl are in awe as they saw their two school teachers beating the mechs with ease. As the mechs’ numbers falls short. They had combined to a giant mech and with speed, Luna can’t fire a shot.

The kids are afraid as their teachers are in danger now. One of the boys tried to distract the bandits piloting the mech. He was followed by the 2 other boys then the girl. Seeing their bravery, the other children goes with them.

Luna: no! don’t go out!

The mech swings on the kids, Luna shot at the arm and it barely misses the kids hitting the ground which knocks the kids away. The girl got thrown out somewhat near the mech. Luna got separated from the kids with another arm of the mech and Alice is kept busy trying to sway the mech’s attention. The mech throws another to the group of kids when suddenly, a huge muscular man with an artificial eye stops the arm from hitting them.

???1: Luce, I can’t hold this for long….
???2: here goes!

A beam of light smites the arm in half. A woman with a green hair goes beside the huge man.

Luce: you alright, kids?
Kid5: Marie! watchout!

Another arm is about to hit the girl. But before the arm hits her, it got cut off and sent flying away from her. A man in a black coat appeared with a black katana with a noir static of electricity running to it.

???3: we better get paid big here… they be glad that I didn’t destroy that arm completely.
Marie: uhm… thank you…. mister…
???3: get behind me kid

The mech then targets the man in black, yet everything was repelled and cut off the moment it got close. Then a gunshot knocked the mech down.

Luna: missed me, Narumi?
Narumi: don’t push it, you twit.
Luna: hey, watch your mouth, not in front of the girl.

The mech is trying to gain it’s footing. But then the party gathers around.

Rory: shall we do this like the old times?
Luce: yeah, for old times sake.
Narumi: let’s get this over with.
Luna: lock n load.

The party goes into position. The big guy slams the ground hard, making the mech stagger. Then the green-haired lady casts a blizzard spell which froze it’s arms and legs. The swordsman slashed it’s limbs putting it down. Then Luna revs up her weapon.

Luna: say hello to my little friend.

A loud blast echoed throughout the meadows as Luna fired her Railgun. It destroyed it’s core which the mech powers down for good. The bandits cannot get away in their cockpits as it was frozen shut.

Alice: The Afterglow is beautiful. Am I right?

The kids agreed to Alice, but one kid earlier realized what she truly meant.

Kid1: yes, I believe. They are real.

The group gathered. Luna and Luce hugged. Luna saluted to Rory. Then, she bowed to Narumi, but then he chopped her head which she rubs in pain.

An airship landed and officers did a cleanup and arrested the bandits. The group entered the Airship which Rory then extended his hand.

Rory: There are other stolen techs that needed to be stopped. The Eternals needs you again. Jackie cannot wait to see you.

Luna then faces her students.

Luna: well, I’ll be gone for a while, I have to take care of this first. You all should study hard okay?
Luna: you guys better do your assignments. I’ll be checking them when I get back.

The kids gathers around and hugs Luna. They waved at her with Alice as they bid her farewell. Luna cannot help but shed a tear as she left her hopeful students and looks forward on reuniting with them. But first, she must think of her reunion with her old companions first as they greeted her with welcoming arms.

Behind this wonderful dream. A girl in her slumber, gave a little smile as she continues on to get rest for another upcoming adventure.

Crumpled note

What if this isn’t a fight I can finish without bloodshed? I don’t want to kill another, it feels wrong to have control over one’s life in any sense. I have orders to take life only when necessary, and with how powerful our enemy is, I don’t think necessary is far from the truth if it isn’t what’s true already… The mere thought of it haunts me every night and prevents me from getting any substantial amount of sleep.

Two Sides of a Coin 1
Withered Rose

In a pitch-black night in Rosevine. Covered by a cold mist. A scenery of emptiness.

Null, a masked Assassin entered a large mansion. A place where the Schicksals lived in. Once a vibrant ornate place where things are kept clean and gleaming with light and sparkling beauty. Now, a ruined place. A rundown mansion filled with the scent of death.

As Null goes further the central part of the mansion. He found a maid or rather, a dead corpse. Wearing bladed gauntlets. She was covered in blood yet her gauntlets was clean. She was shot to the head. One can see through her skull. As a trail of blood goes further down the center part of the mansion. He found his target.

Null: so, you finally slipped up. I will not let you take another one from me. I will kill you right here.

His opponent was covered in blood. As she took off her mask, her long silver hair spreads and her red ruby eyes glowing dim and menacingly in this dark space.

Null: what the fuck happened to you?……
Luna: I am everyone’s creation…..
Null: you are not Luna…. I will end you….. pitiful creature

A fight has broke out, the two are trying to out pace each other. Luna was changing weapons and bombards Null with everything she has. Null was able to outmaneuver most of them with some scratches and hits. Null decreased the distance between them, forcing Luna to use her Katana. A weapon that was once his gift for her 20th birthday. Luna cannot overpower her former master. Even changing weapons didn’t stop a blood thirsty assassin.

Bullets rain. Metals clashed. Surroundings destroyed. Blood, sheds.

Null stabbed Luna on her shoulder pinning her down to the ground. The Assassin gained the upperhand after a long exhausting battle with his former comrade.

Null: this is for everyone you have killed. You shall die.

Everything flashes. The horrors of the deeds she had done. Shot Rory in the head while he is sleeping. Shot Luce as she hugged her. Stabbed Jackie at her heart. Decapitated Chase with a Rifle Shot. Shot Anne as they pray in the Church. Beheaded Shuu as he griefs for Luce. Repeatedly stabbed Hana with knives, and many other more that got in her way.

As Null was about to pull his Katana out from her shoulder, Luna smirks.

Luna: did you even know where you are?
Null: yeah, your grave, bitch..
Luna: on the contrary, it is yours…

Her White Rose Catalyst formed her versatile metal to a cocoon-like shell which trapped his katana impaled on her shoulder, preventing Null to pull his sword out.

Luna: you think I would kill you by facing you head on?! You are mistaken…

Suddenly massive number of explosives turned online and explodes throughout the entire Schicksal Land engulfing the whole area in flames. The blasts left nothing of Narumi. It seems that Luna had been setting up the stage just for the one person who is the hardest to kill head on.

As her slightly-battered cocoon shell opens. She stands and looks at the flames surrounding her. With her eyes showing not even the slightest of emotion. She looks upon the sky.

Luna: my dear Mother….. you are next….

Luna suddenly wakes up, covered in slobber from Hermes. The party was asking for her help in battling against Eva and Bea. As she stood up, she gave a sigh of relief.

Yet, what she had encountered in that nightmare had darkened her heart, clouded by fear and anxiety. She is now a different Luna from before.

Small steps and Recalibrate
Luce's Aventure log # 11

After leaving Shuu behind near the commander’s tent of which she felt a bit embarrassed on how immature she probably looks during that time. She couldn’t help it, as much as she was healing, the process of full recovery tend to be as painful so she fled the area to calm herself down. She search an isolated bench she could work with her old weapon and mule over with her new one. Directing her mind into something more productive.

Cadeceus point and Atermis.

While Atermis is a one of a kind custom crossbow Amadeus made for her, it was still an incomplete in a sense.

Especially with it having no Arcus as of yet. She’ll just have to give it a temporary one then. Untill she manages to get a long vacation to test out some of her ideas. This one will have to stay arcusless for a long while.

Perks of having a sister like hers, and a mentor like Ms Arclese. One is bound to make things like these things, perhaps she should talk to Luna about weapons.

Luce then takes out Cadeceus point “Aether code activate: recalibration.” She then commanded as it replies in its own synthesized voice.

[code recalibration activated, insert command code]

Luce takes out her phone and types down the code. With a smile on her face she whispers something that prompted a series of changes in her weapon.

The guard and pommel immediately released itself from the blade. In turn Luce takes out something and did her thing.

Gone with her heavily ornated guard into something more fitted as a weapon.
It’s back to its original form.

Luce doesn’t know what will happen next now that it’s on its original state. She just felt like now is the time for her to piece it back. She couldn’t even remember why she stopped using the original one to begin with.

As for the snake daggers she hid it as key chains in disguise.

Truth be told Luce doesn’t know what kind of metal Ms. Arclese used for her rapier. She was only told that she was one of the few who can hold it for a long while.

And she’s been holding it for practically the whole time it’s been given to her.

“Why me?” She questioned, a question she asked a lot but rarely gets an answer.

She trusts her arcus a lot. The metal of her weapon however, now that it has been revealed that it was ASD trust who made Jamil’s arm that way made her question what kind of properties this one bears.

“Recalibration code : 0”

[code: recalibration success. Auto-Diagnosis. Diagnosis complete: no anomalies recognized. Initialize Reboot.]

She just hopes this doesn’t backfires and hurt those she cares about.

[Aether code: reactivated.]

“I should really make an Arcus that heals mortal wounds in an extreme rate… That seems to be more appropriate. Aether code: Deactivate”

[Aether code: Deactivated, returning to disguise mode.]

She sighs as she picked it upafter turning into its pendant form.

Luna's Mission Diary #5
The Haunting Past

January 20, 431 A.R.

Time to head in to Dandelion. But before that, I saw a voice mail from my mom. She greeted me Happy Birthday. Looks like I forgot that it is my birthday 3 days ago. I remembered Luce giving me a plushie in advance. This actually keeps me going.

As we used my Rich Girl card, strange enough that they let us in easily. To my surprise, a man in the past showed up. Dara….

He is classmate back in the days when I attend Yurran Military Academy. The place where I was bullied. I thought I got over it…. but I was wrong. It haunts me again. Everything that had happened.

He made arrangements for me and my friends a way to pass in which we need to meet commander Ragnar. He is being nice again, like what he first did in the past. As we met Ragnar, we learned that Dara is a Royal Guard in training. We received a simple request from Ragnar that for us to be granted passage, we need to filter out his conscripts for his Perfect Army of which he gave us 2 candidates. 04 and 05. The party agreed to do the job.

I am afraid as to what might happen. I don’t want my friends in danger. I need to muster up. I confronted Dara, I told him what was in my mind. I sound horrible, but I need to do this for my party. I just can’t trust Dara again.

January 21, 431 A.R.

We proceed with the mission. The more we get to know 04 and 05, the more we understand their situation. Yet, a mission is a mission, we need to know more about their capabilities. In the exhibit, Tanya arrived, telling us about what’s to come what we need to do. I learned that for some reason, uncle En…. joined Tyr by his side. I know that Tyr is just manipulating him. I will make him come back.

We encountered Bea again. She put up a good fight, but alas, fate really love making fun of her. Speaking of love. I am very amazed how strong 04 and 05’s love. I envy them. I really do.

January 22, 432 A.R.

04 and 05 are reassigned to Halophate. Together, they entered, together they left. But that was not the case for me. Just when I thought I had it. It was all a lie. Again, that boy, that man, runs again. Why do they leave? Why these important men in my life always wants to leave me?

Luna's Early Morning Adventures #2
The Secret is Out

January 16, 431 A.R.

Early in the morning, sleepless, I received a phone call from my Father’s personal lawyer. The project was a success. Even though the created weapon didn’t got market, they have used it’s data to make improvements to not only the weapons industry, but in technology in general. Though, that is not the main reason why he called. The information about me being alive has been made public. Eyes are on me again. Because of my actions, I put the company in trouble. They think I faked my death to test out death weapons for the company. The lawyer made a cover up. The Schicksals faked the news because the truth is, I ran away from home because of my father’s death causing me trauma and depression. The death was set up by me because of rebellion and joined Halophate to cover myself from their sights. He also said that since the incident, I was now in a state of rehabilitation and will take over the company once I recovered. Alice had agreed to attend any event requiring my attendance. With my new hair, people hardly recognize me anymore.

The lawyer also got angry at me because I joined the Eternals without talking to him first. But then he changed his tune and made arrangements to formally set the terms with Loki. The Schicksal Enterprise will be sharing and supplying resources and weapons with the Eternals from now on, in exchange of research and income.

I can’t really say I am truly free, yet, I feel content that my friends are just here with me safe and sound. They are like a family to me, really. The big sister I wish I had, Luce. The tough commander that I look up to, Rory. The not-nice but protective master of mine, Narumi. The liberated sister of Jackie, and also the Queen Blossom, Hana. The selfless sister I admire, Anne. The cool, yet, caring Shuu. And the people that are not here right now, Jackie and Chase. I really wanted to say thank you to all of you. I will work hard to be a part of this party and will protect every one of you behind my sights.


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