Trails of the Afterglow

Luna's Mission Diary #4
Yurran Military Academy

( Insert date )

Mission continues to find our culprit. Chase leads us up to Yurran, as he suspects that one of his fellow student was a culprit with an Artesleast to be of our lead. We happen to see Miss ( rich girl ) and Lindson who has a smoking car. We had fixed the engine so that we can take a ride to Yurran. Apparently, Lindson was a lousy driver, I kinda lost track on what was happening on the way.

We arrived at the City in just a matter of time. However, we need to gain access to the academy without drawing much attention. Good thing Chase have these disguises. Student Uniforms which I don't want to disclose on who is it originally from. I rather not stay here for long. This academy brings back many bad memories.

There were 4 students in question, according to Instructor Illburns's deductions of our clue, (girl with glasses), (sweaty dude), (high dude), and Linde. The group then gathered intel from the 3 students that was around the campus, which made Linde, the one that we didn't talk yet, more of our primary suspect. We can't find the suspect until an earthquake gave away her position. The Underground Training Site.

It seems that my ID still exist and is being used as a Training Parameter for the area. We met this Justicar, who seem to be protecting something, might be our suspect, though, we can't get in as one of us, Chase, has bad intentions to it's master. We headed down without him. As we went deeper, we had faced massive amounts of Ridewords and Knight Statues. I guess it is trying to utilize my weakness to the fullest. Luckily, money Ninja and the old man charged in, wiping the floor clean. I gotta say, my party members are really an exceptional bunch.

We had faced, another two way corridor. Which we chose the right side one out of curiousity. A shiny button lie dormant until Jackie pressed it. A voice speaks to us. Wants us to answer several questions. I'm glad I have them by my side, or else, I would be electrocuted several times. Answering all of them gave us some fancy items and silver as a reward. It made money ninja happy and 300 silvers richer.

We decided to go to the other corridor which has another two-way junction. This time, both had menacing presence. We decided to break the door open with the "Don't Enter" sign. We ended up in front of a spatial rift. I tried to peek, and saw what appears to be Valkyries. The whole party suddenly went back, and fixed the door. Now we know why it says do not enter.

The party pressed on to the right-side hallway. It leads us to a huge dome with a large cocoon at the back. The Justicar has been waiting for us. It is holding Linde, our primary suspect. It has revealed that she was manipulated in doing the crime and it had been controlling her after for protection not only from the unknown manipulator, but also to herself. Narumi decided to cut down the Justicar, which led to a fight. We proved victorious turning it to Mana Essence. The cocoon started splitting, and released a giant naked girl. It was the Earth Goddess Coatlicue. The goddess speaks through bell chimes, fortunately, Yurran students knows how to interpret these sounds.

She doesn't have memories from the day she is put in a stasis inside a cocoon until now. She blames herself to had neglected her responsibilities. We had decided to show her the situation to make up for it which she agrees. She grew from her head a plant which then turns to a small naked girl of human size. Instructor Illburns arrived along with Chase and sees the girl. She then decided to let Lady Coa stay at the surface of Yurran Academy Campus as her new home which made the Goddess happy.

Instructor Illburns decided to let us stay for summer lessons as we wait for Linde to wake up. It is really a pain. Though, it might be fun since this time, I have my friends here with me.

This ends my log for this event, I'll be taking a walk with money Ninja and Lady Coa as he teaches her a thing or two about the modern times. Do I have to translate for her for the rest of the time we have here at Yurran? Well, Let's just wait and see.

Mission Accomplished and waiting for the next one.

Luce's Adventure log #3
Presence and problems

[Location: Dandelion, 10: 00 PM August 4, 430 A.R]

After talking to Chase and Rory about the "terrorist attacks" and the possibility of having a Yurran student being the said terrorist. Luce went to her room and called her handler.  "Sir, there's a possibility I might go to Yurran and check on some things, Just giving the heads up. Last mission was a success and the information you asked me to retrieve has been sent to your comp. Yes, I made it sure that the encryption is hard to break."   she bit her lips as he asked if she has more information or anything to say. "None, mi scusa sir." as soon as she heard his line went down, she dropped the call and released a deep breath she's been holding for quite some time.

She set her phone aside and took her comp and Tiamat's gift to check on things. An hour has passed and what she found out that It seems to like it acts like a dowsing rod. The calmer it is, the less it is exposed to any evil or demonic presence.  

"Hmmm, if that's the case…" Luce took her things and the orb and went to everyone's room one by one to check if there's any lingering ill presence among them.  Everything was clear until she went to Jackie's room and lo and behold the orb's cloud started to form dark clouds but stopped half through.

"Huh, that's weird." Luce dismissed it as Jackie being the last one remove Bennu's presence around her and went back to her room and went to sleep. [ Date: August 5, 430 A.R ; Time: 2:00 AM]

Luna's "Mission Diary" #3

This is actually the first time I would break my own policies and probably the teaching of my mom. For today, this is only a regular entry as just a diary.

I feel blessed to have such amazing friends. I promised to myself that I will make friends with the first bunch of group I ever go with, whoever they are, disregarding their origins and their pasts. It just so happens that fate had given me such lovely and remarkable people.

Though, earlier, I remembered the days where eyes of people is full of despise. These eyes are locked upon my dad and us, the people around him. He made a lot of enemies along the way as he build his own tower of success. Though, is it right to hate a person just because of that? Is this the fruit of his labor? Just because someone is rich and powerful, people want that person to go down? I don't like this kind of surrounding.

I want my father to be proud, but instead, he sees me with disappointment. As if I want to fail him. If only that business isn't as dark as it is.

I saw the same look on this old lady's eyes. It is full of hatred. Is it still the fruit of my dad's labor? Is it because I am a Schicksal? Residing at Brindtsong where my father had established his success?

I guess this is unfair for my dad. I shouldn't be blaming him for this.

Well, the bright side is, I can use my inheritance to help people. This may turn those eyes to show hope and joy instead. I hope that one day. They see the Schicksal name and it's company on a different light.

By the way, kudos to my friends. They are the first bunch of people who actually stood up for me, specially Narumi.

Friends of the Silver-Haired Girl #2

The mission sure is fulfilling. We took a load off and went off to our own separate agendas. I stayed at the bar. I happen to stumble on Chase, who is drinking this drink called, “Rootbeer”. I tried it out, and it was good. I felt bad on hogging the root beer, so I bought his favorite drink, which is tea. He removed his glasses before drinking tea. He was actually pretty handsome. He is full of himself though. I heard dribbling noises. I had hope it is basketball. And so it is, and Jackie and Narumi is playing it. She was actually very good at it. We ended up teaching Narumi together. But then, I had a 1 on 1 match with her, which I lost. She is actually very fast. Rory and Luce arrived. The old man actually plays too. He dunked on me. He was so cool. Luce, however, jokingly checked if the board is okay. The old man is overwhelmingly strong. They continued to talked about coffee. Luce gave a coffee she got from traveling which made Narumi happy even if he is not showing it. Narumi also promised to teach us some skills later on.

Jackie proposed that we had a girl talk. The group splits. Jackie then went on and shared her worries. She is having financial problems and needs our support. Her question that if we consider her as a friend made me feel good and bad at the same time. I can now safely say that I made friends with these people in the party. At the same time, I feel useless. I wish I could have done more or could do a thing for each of their worries or problems, which also making me feel a little regret about hating my father and ignoring his lessons. He knows about mining and business than anyone I know off. It might have helped Jackie this time. It might had helped Narumi if he has money problems. Am I being selfish? Am I only thinking of my own happiness back then?

Luce proposed a group hug. It felt great having friends. As we went back, the two guys is beaten up. I took out my rifle as they might have been attacked, but they just had a spar. Narumi taught Rory how to sharpen his skills. I am actually impressed as he can actually pass something to Rory which is a veteran. Narumi gave Luce some ginseng, which I tasted. It reminded me of Alice’s cooking. She uses these kinds of ingredients when she cooks. Is it a trait which Orient people have? Anyway, Luce seems concerned at some point. She is very caring. She always looks after me. I wish I could do something for her sometime.

We went on and watch how Narumi tries to make Rory sleep. He chopped his jugular, knocking him off. Luce is surprised and asked why, though it seemed effective. Rory is sleeping like a log. Jackie proposed to just make him a Sleeping Potion. Everyone agreed and decided to get some sleep themselves. I decided to have a little stroll myself.

I was actually out of bullets, so I went for a little shopping. It is time to give Aigis some maintenance. As I got near the store where Mr. Han is. I saw mom went out the door and the red haired guy that I met previously. They seem to know each other as they speak casually. What are these two doing here? I went to Mr. Han for answers. He insisted that I read the letters my mom left for answers. And so, I went home and contemplated to read the letter or not. But I fell asleep.

As the sun rises. I am surprised that almost everyone didn’t actually sleep. Jackie enthusiastically shows everyone the Sleeping Potion, but then falls asleep herself. Luce did some research about something. Narumi seemed continue his training, he also is falling asleep. Chase showed us papers. We got the sign for our permits and it also gives us a huge reward. Narumi suddenly wakes up as he heard money. Though, the paper shows, we need another one. Chase gave us 2 options for us to get our next signature. Rosevine, which there were frequent forest fires occurring and Dandelion where there’s an epidemic pollen outbreak. The majority chose Dandelion as our next adventure stop.

I am excited on our next adventure. I will do my best this time.

Luna's "Mission Diary" #2

July 22, 430 A.R.

Mission continues with the Saviour’s Cross drop outs. As we went further. There was this river area with lots of limestones around. Guess what? More Sahagins! And this time, they polluted the river with their poisonous fart, and they seem enjoying it. The old man actually went charging, Narumi also. They really hate Sahagins a lot. And so, again, we emerge victorious. Those two can actually shrug it off now. Can I safely assume that they are used to those farts now?… Anyway, we headed down to another beach area. There were more Saviour’s Cross drop outs this time. We can feel heavy footsteps. The Sahagin King is with them. Narumi did another ambush attempt. The ninja is actually skillful, as it is a success. Rory and Narumi, as always in our strategy, kept them at bay, though, as they hit the Sahagin King, it farts a thick cloud of poisonous gas. Luce uses her skill and got an info about the Sahagin. Aside from it’s obvious weakness, we found out that they named it from the god called….. “Uranus”. And so, Narumi did consecutive dashing cuts, which is very impressive. We defeated them in the end, and the Sahagin dissolves in the most wicked and disgusting way.

The party seems to be improving, everyone’s gem is glowing, which maybe most of them didn’t notice since they are busy solving this case. We went on and investigate the boat that they are loading. It’s the black goo again alright. We decided to ride the boat and let them take us to the source. To our surprise, we ended up at the lagoon. The Saviour’s Cross actually got busted by person with familiar voices who happen to be Cain and Selene. It is a dead end though, as we got informed that the boat we hijacked happens to be just a decoy. At a loss at what to do, we decided to follow the original plan and try to look for the source again.

As we headed for it. The sky darkens and a storm rushes again. The events were too familiar to be missed out. Leviathan came again, this time, she is in a far more worse shape than last time. A crystal seems to be causing it’s unease. Jackie quickly made a bomb that she is sure that would break the crystal extruding from it. We went on and try to execute the plan, however, a woman dressed in a white bridal gown shot us from a far. She is a fellow sniper with huge chest and red hair. Narumi went on and challenge the lady, but she was agile enough to avoid him. She is also too quick on giving banters on Narumi as they fight. I wanna shoot that lady so bad, so I did. She actually is agile enough to try to dodge, but she hit her head making her dizzy. Luce used her skill to try to find out who is this girl. It happens to be that she is an elite sniper, out of our league. We decided to do the priorities first. Luce then used her rapier to poke the tentacles away as we try to lessen the distance between Leviathan and the boat. I tried another two shot, but skillful enough, she dodge both of them, she is, however got glazed on her waist, ruining the gown. She went giving another banter, got distracted and got slammed as the waters rocked the boat. Leviathan on the other hand, summons a maelstrom between us. As the events went on, Narumi went on with the distraction and knocks out the pilot of the boat. She tries to shake herself off, but we got away and 2 tentacles are now following her. Rory threw the bomb in place. But then we got interrupted as the lady uses a special skill and charmed a tentacle. How did she acquire that special skill? Anyways, I got knocked out of the fight. I hit my head so hard that I lost consciousness. I woke up and the battle’s over. They told me that Rory used his regained skill and mimics Luce’s Hellfire ability and lights up the bomb and finally destroyed the crystal.

The party won another hard fought battle. Though, Narumi seems to be scarred by the banters of that woman. That woman also give banters to those tentacles. “I’m not into that,” what does she actually mean? ( possible fourth wall break :D ). Leviathan expresses her thanks and gives us a gift. A shiny, pure, water orb. Narumi wants to sell it, so I gave it to Luce. I’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t snuck and sell Leviathan’s gift.

Anyways, we head back. George and the others are being reprimanded by the officials. I officially made them employees of my Father’s company. Their faces are full of hopes that time. Everyone deserves a chance to change and redemption. It feels nice to know they wanna change for the better. I also told them to keep quiet as everyone in the company knows I am dead. The party seemed shocked though. Well, this is the first time that they knew my dad’s company. With that, the Mission is Accomplished.

Luce's Adventure log #2
still incomplete

[Log entry: July 22, 430 A.R]
Well, the mission’s a success, we got to save the Leviathan and close the case of the Rutherford company. I learned to tune out the madness that I call my allies, quite an experience if you ask me. This team is way better than of being with those egotistical researchers I used to call teammates back in Artestech, I wonder how that guy does it though. I do hope he’s doing okay with his research. Genius or not, he’s still like a younger brother to me.

It’s a shame we couldn’t get a sample of that crystal lodged in the Leviathan before it got smashed into bits. Somehow, it reminded me of… No, I hope it’s not what I think it is.

I already contacted the man whose been the one checking the black goo sample out, He said that he’ll be giving the results tomorrow. I hope I don’t have to resort on even checking myths of every other country out there to know what that is.

I couldn’t sleep and the tea just sets my nerves at ease. I checked the gift Leviathan gave us. Well, it’s a relic that’s for sure. It’s got the same energies as a spirit ward you get from any church but much stronger, around 5x the magnitude. As much as I’m thankful, I’m also worried about the other sacred beast/guardians whatever they want to call them. So I had my connections have it checked. They’re currently working on it, they’re a bit surprised that I’ve been asking around. I just told them that something came up and I needed information and updates on those places.

They joked about me having the idea of taking over Aleria, HA! As if, I may be a bit of a control freak but not THAT kind of control freak. Anyways, both Rosevine and Dandelion has a bit of a problem as of the moment. Two of my favorite places in Aleria. Ahhhh well.

Perhaps I can visit those shop I used. To buy my stocks of both raw coffee beans and ingredient for tea. I’ll make the most of it and get some the plausible combination for the ginseng tea I’m going to make.

Speaking of Information, Whoever this Loveless is, she’s pretty good if I’m drawing blanks on her or maybe she’s someone important on some shady-ass organization.
A “Society” whose name escapes me at the moment, but I swear I will find the truth until then I will call her as what George calls her. The Ironmask guy as well, should I ever get a hold of him, I will find what’s his name and where they belong.

Heh, they can’t blame me for that, After all, I’m an information broker. What’s my use if I don’t have the information I need?

Null Blade/Valkyrie's Sword

A fabled sword that is said to regenerate from any damage at accelerated speeds and never lose its edge. It is however known only by two names to all but its owner and forgers: “Null Blade” in Aleria, and “Valkyrie’s Sword” in Corseria, and in relation none except any it is acquainted with is aware of the sword’s appearance. However, it has been told that the blade would match even End of Days in its prime.

Narumi's voice log 1

Times like this I wish I wasn’t an apprentice kept secret, but I know it’s what’s best for security’s sake. A competent bunch they assigned me with at least, but they’re all primarily annoying. I mean I guess the veteran’s fine, I could go take a hit of coffee with him on a daily basis, could learn a thing or two as well. If there’s anything I learned this day, it’s that I hate sahagins, and all of it’s cousin kin.

Luna's "Mission Diary" #1
Leviathan and Butts

July 21, 430 A.R.

Mission commences at early morning to the tropical beach area near the tentacle sighting. The party was in awe as we saw the beach. The water is as clear as glass.. So pure that we can’t believe that we saw these black waste stuff near here. Chase happens to know how to summon the Sea Goddess. Though he made it clear that it is a Traditional Maiden Dance. He pointed out Jackie after his failed attempt.. Though he forgot that me and Luce also fit the criteria…. We pointed out our weapons at him. It’s funny that Narumi pointed out that Chase did the dance despite him being a man. Chase paused for a moment and changed the subject.. I don’t know why he likes to be in a conflict like this, but these moments are rather fun, keeping everyone cool.

I volunteered to do the dance instead. It was rather fun. I saw something coming towards us. Everyone draws their weapons. Instead of a giant monster that we expect to see, a sea creature humanoid appears. She doesn’t speak but Narumi translated her vibrations. Jackie saw him as a seismograph that time. The creature revealed itself as Leviathan. These black goo that polluted the sea, it took Leviathan most of her strength to keep the ocean clean. She can’t go back to her full self and stays as a humanoid girl. I felt we need to do something. We have to do something. Even goddesses has feelings. And she needs help, just as she helps us.

We decided that we investigate on it’s root cause at the contact point. We ended up at some shore where there is some Grotto. There’s nothing much about it, but there’s an underground door. I tried to open it but it made a noise. We alerted multiple Sahagins and it started attacking us. They are an annoying bunch really. One of them tried to stab Luce. I’m surprised as she held her ground and said “bring it!”. She is kinda hardcore that time. The old man starts doing his thing and clashes with the big one. The little ones starts farting on them. Narumi got angry, specially when one of them even wiggled it’s butt at him. We dispatched that Sahagin together. Narumi went for the overkill as he stomps it repeatedly. He went nuts about it.. Not gonna make him mad again..

After we defeated them. Rory and Narumi is still pissed at the Sahagins and their butts. Chase jokingly said, “If you feel that bad about it, you can look at Jackie’s butt”. Everyone pointed their weapons at him. Jackie was so surprised. Chase admits it was a joke but if Narumi still feels like it, he can just punch him. Narumi actually did. Chase is really good taking the edge off the party. It was really a good gesture.

As we investigated further. We ended up on some opening end of the grotto. We hid when we saw a boat with a group of Saviour’s Cross soldiers ride. As their group spilts, we decided that we do an ambush. This time, we atcually did exceptionally well. The ambush sets the momentum on our hands and wipe the floor clean. I shot one of them on the butt. We decided that we interrogate that man. He revealed that they are just dropouts from that group and now taking odd jobs just to get by. He also revealed that there are 2 key persons behind this. A woman in a white dress and a man in a black armor. He also warned us about a Sahagin King lurking around the rest of the grotto. Chase made a comment about it’s weakness, which is the back lower torso, the butt. It was butts these past few turn of events. I guess we leave the butts here.

I’m gonna make sure to make those two who hurt the goddess, pay.

Friends of the Silver-Haired Girl #1
Skillful Bunch

“Yesterday was a very fun day. The old man is great at gambling. You can see the experience as he play. I guess luck can be trained as a skill as well when people grow up. And I guess that shows that the old man isn’t just all muscle. He is a reliable one really.

He also gets to introduce me to streetfoods. Those fish ball thingy tastes awesome. I wonder how it would taste with cake and tea though. Hmmmm…. Better try it later. When we got back, Luce scolded me again. I never hold anything against her though. I kinda like it that she cares. I would like a big sister like her. Though I think she is keeping something in control inside of her. Hope she is okay.

We saw Jackie with her relative too. I wonder what seems to be the problem. It is the first time I heard her yell. She seems to be lying that she is okay after….. I wonder what should I do for her…

The morning was a refreshing one because of yesterday’s events even some of it isn’t a good moment. Money ninja…. I mean…. Narumi is getting ready to train. I think on this one, we are on the same page. He suddenly got interested when he learned I could fight with Martial Arts and decided to have a spar with me. He is very skilled. He incorporates his style with his sword techniques. I think our martial arts isn’t as far off. The styles seem similar.

We put our sparring to a halt when we heard Luce scream. Only to find out that she accidentally broke her contacts. Poor Luce. It looks like it hurt a lot. Wonder why she likes wearing one and the hair color which she also changes often. Hmmmm…. Oh well.. people like to do things, and I happen to like shiny things. I should not think hardly about that.

Our party gets ready for another adventure! Good luck to us!! Aigis is ready to go!"

- Luna Oberon, narrating what she felt those days


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